New Build

Designing and building a house is a significant undertaking for architect and client. Not many people will have the opportunity – or desire – to engage in the process, which makes it all the more important that we do everything we can to ensure an exceptional outcome to every commission. Expect creativity in spades, plus a commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail that will help us to deliver even the most complex project to the highest standards.

New Pool House – Wiltshire

The house sits in a wonderful landscape and we chose the walled garden as the ideal place for a new indoor pool. Designed as a secret, hidden behind the old garden wall, this is where the family come to have fun and enjoy the sheltered privacy of the enclosed outdoor spaces.

New Contemporary Barn House – Wiltshire

This striking new house nestles into its rural setting. The timeless qualities of Cotswold stone and zinc are juxtaposed with contemporary features that lift the building beyond the ordinary. Two vernacular barn-style wings are connected by a glazed link that separates living and sleeping areas and brings the landscape into the heart of the house.

New Build Contemporary House – Cotswolds

This was a dream brief; a new contemporary lakeside house. Our client had an amazing site with a waterside setting enclosed by woodland. The open plan design and the extensive glazing connect the house to the landscape.