About Us

Every great design starts with a creative spark.

When we founded Milton Architects in 2005, we had a simple aim: to establish a practice that would offer a fresh approach to architectural design with clients at the heart of the process. With the passion and support of an exceptional team of creative professionals, we’ve built an environment in which ideas flourish freely and where a culture of collaboration ensures that projects become so much more than the sum of their parts. 


Design that’s tailor made for you

We believe that good architectural design transcends ephemeral perceptions of style and is essential for living well. At Milton, each project begins with the client’s vision; it’s our job to explore the initial brief, teasing out key ideas and aspirations so we develop a clear concept from the outset. We take the time to develop an in-depth understanding of the background and context to every new commission – it’s this meticulous approach that enables us to deliver imaginative and bespoke solutions.


Every client journey is different – so much depends on the scale and complexity of an individual project. But, while we offer a unique response to every brief, our approach remains the same: we first take the time to learn all we can about you and your goals before beginning our collaboration. Only by acquiring a deep understanding of your aims and aspirations – as well as your lifestyle priorities – can we deliver a design that’s the perfect fit.

Stage 1: Preliminary analysis

We’ll outline the scope of your project and assess your brief against an initial budget before exploring it in more detail. It’s here where we’ll examine opportunities and identify any planning issues, as well as other challenges and constraints to produce a refined brief that’s grounded in reality.

Stage 2: Concept design

We’ll sketch out a selection of ideas, based on your vision and our research, that will hopefully form the basis for further development. Our 3D modelling will help you visualise the concept more powerfully. We’ll also give you an indication of how these initial ideas stack up against your budget so you’ll be able to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

Stage 3: Design development

Your preferred option will be worked up into a formal design including computer-drawn plans, sections and elevations. We’ll carefully consider construction details and commission any necessary reports. When the final design has been agreed, we’ll submit a set of drawings and supporting documents for planning consent (and listed building approval, if required).

Stage 4: Technical design

We then finalise the specification, consulting with engineers and specialists to ensure the technical design is buttoned down. The detailed drawings and information produced at this stage not only ensure compliance with building regulations but include everything necessary to enable builders to provide accurate construction costs.

Stage 5: Tendering

The next step is to invite tenders based on our prepared technical design information and using the building contract that’s best suited to your project. Our detailed specification will mean that all the information needed to provide a properly costed tender is available. We’ll help you to draw up a list of suitable builders before inviting tenders and appraising them on your behalf.

Stage 6: Contract management

We’ll oversee the construction stage from start to finish, scheduling site visits to inspect the works and providing regular updates on progress and performance. Not only will we ensure that any problems are resolved and snags fixed but we’ll also ensure that the quality and ambition of the architectural design is fully realised.


We are only as good as the people we work with. We are fortunate to have some exceptionally talented people working at Milton as well as a team of dedicated consultants, builders and other suppliers who work in association with us.

Join our team
We are looking for a talented and highly motivated qualified Architect to join our team.


Mike grew up in a 1960s house with creative parents who had a penchant for mid-century Scandinavian furniture. He earned his stripes on a wide range of projects in London before starting a new life in Wiltshire with his wife, Amanda, and their three boys. He gets his adrenaline fix from cycling and exercises his vocal chords with a local acapella choir. Mike qualified as a registered Architect in 1991.


Amanda honed her skills on a variety of projects in the capital after training as an architect in London and Brighton. She moved to Wiltshire with Mike and their young family to co-found a new practice and set down roots in this beautiful county. In her spare time, Amanda draws, throws pots and grows an assortment of vegetables. She’s a keen golfer and supports Arsenal FC from a safe distance. Amanda qualified as a registered Architect in 1993.



Eleanor joined Milton after six years working on high-end residential properties in a London practice. She has a keen interest in art, literature and culture but also enjoys countryside walks with her springer puppy. She has had an illustrious netball career and is a fiendish skier. Eleanor qualified as a registered Architect in 2015.


Oliver joined Milton after nine years with an award-winning architecture practice in London working on high-quality residential developments. He’s a keen runner, Everton fan and proud father of two boys. Oliver qualified as a registered Architect in 2007.



Emma is the reason our office runs like a well-oiled machine. She joined Milton in 2013, giving us the benefit of her impressive business admin and accounting experience – not to mention her peerless cake-making skills. Emma is a Glasto veteran (where her husband, Dave, runs one of the stages) and frequently hobnobs with bona fide music celebs.